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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No Time

So this morning I got out of bed after not sleeping most of the night.  Coughing, drainage, sneezing – hard to sleep when all of that is going on…  I went to my part time job and the longer I was there the worse I felt.  I finally surrendered at around two, came home and discovered I had about 3 degrees of fever.  Could not get into the doctor so I went to Urgent Care…
No Time
Hour and a half later they had ruled out flu and strep.  I left with two prescriptions.  We changed insurance at the first of the year.  We had told the pharmacy but somehow they did not get it into their computer correctly so it took two hours to fill the prescriptions…

This is a busy week.

From about 1230 on I was thinking, “I do not have time for this!”  I have three studies between now and Thursday noon, I start teaching an 8 week Sunday school class this Sunday.  I have not completed prep…  I do not have time to be sick.
But sick I am.

The older I get the reality of 2 Corinthians 12:7 – 10 is clearer and clearer to me.  I am, my flesh is terribly weak.  Does not matter how much I work out…  A microscopic bug can take me out in a day.  That forces me to rely on Him.

I don’t like it.  I don’t have time for it.  But the upside is I get to learn to trust Him more effectively…


  1. Sorry to hear you got sick. Glad to hear you are learning to rely on God. Get well with His pace, Mike.

  2. I too am sorry, Mike; being sick is miserable enough as it is even if you are not pressed to the wall with overwhelming work to do. This may fall into the category of character/spiritual development brought about about by trials (as 1 Cor. 12 seems to infer). My conclusion after many such "inconveniences" in my life is that God is far more interested in what He is doing in me to confirm me to His image than in what I am doing for Him.

    I still don't practice it very well....

    I'm praying for you....