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Friday, January 9, 2015

Projects and Tools

My dad’s kitchen faucet has been dripping the last several times we have visited.  Today’s project was to fix it.  The water where he lives is really hard, lot of minerals.  As I was attempting to unscrew the top of the faucet to remove the core, one of the bolts holding the fixture in place broke the result of 30 years of rust.
Projects and Tools
So this project morphed from changing out the core to replacing the faucet.  Dad and I went to the local home improvement store and got a faucet.  I started replacing the faucet.  Problem, the shut off valves started leaking when I turned them to shut off the water supply.  Problem the remaining bolt on the old faucet was corroded and in a position under the sink where it was impossible to get leverage.  Problem, some of dad’s tools were missing.

After a trip to the hardware store to purchase tools I was able to break the nut free and put on the new faucet.  It works but, problem, the thirty year old shut off valves leaked when I turned the supply back own…  Job for a plumber…

Lesson, all projects have to have the right tools to be done properly.  That includes any “project” we choose to do in the Bible; projects like my current study in Mark.

For the sink I needed a 9/16” deep socket and two extensions for the 3/8” ratchet.  For Mark, I need four tools: observation, correlation, interpretation, and application.  For the sink, the most important tools were the deep socket and the two extensions.  For Mark, observation and application.

The first few times I used wrenches on a project, I made some mistakes.  I have stripped some nuts and broken some bolts.  Over the years I have learned how to use wrenches and sockets more effectively.  I learned by practice and by learning from people who knew how to use tools better than I did.

I had the same issues with observation.  I learned over the years how to make better observations.  I learned both by practice over the years and by learning from people who knew how to make better observations.

What ever the project, we need the right tools.  But more importantly we need to know how to use them well.

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