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Monday, January 5, 2015

Not So Good News

What do you do when you get some news that is not good?
Not So Good News
Last night I got an email from one of my mentors.  He told me that his wife had a stroke yesterday morning.  I called and we talked for some time and prayed together on the phone.  This afternoon he told me that they will not know anything for about three days.  Hard to live through those three days.

When I got home tonight my wife was in tears.  She told me that our 2 month old granddaughter was currently legally blind.  Currently, because there is an 80 percent chance her sight will develop later.  That is not 100 percent.  She is struggling with other issues as well.  We will know in April.  Hard to live through those three months.

The anchor for my mentor and my daughter and her husband is that none of this took God by surprise.  Works for my wife and me as well…  That does not make dealing with it easier on a daily or monthly basis.  However, we know that there is purpose in what He does.

Working through Mark this morning I noticed that all of the people that came to Christ for healing were desperate.  I tried to put myself in their place a leper, a withered hand, an issue of blood, a daughter dying/dead, deaf with a speech impediment, blind, and another blind from birth.  We deal with things like that either personally or through our association with friends who are.

In either case our main, no our response has to be Hebrews 11:6 and prayer.  Desperate prayer.


  1. God knows, and God is good (and also sovereign); as I stand here listening to my wife's respirator years of life with God and each other slide through my mind; they may be the last I have with her other than watching her slip into her eternal glory face to face with the Person she loves most, even in this world. I am, frankly, filled with fear. The Psalmist's solution was, "When I am afraid, I will trust." Trust. My fears are still with me, and I doubt will ever leave until I do. But I can always trust. I must; there's no other place to go.

    Mike, I just a little earlier heard about your precious, sweet granddaughter (I know they are because I have three now). God is sovereign; God is good; He cries tears with us. And He died to have the relationship He intended from the start - to walk with us. This is the Valley of the Shadow of death. He is here; He is longing for our fellowship and to do for us what we can't.
    I know everyone who reads this has heartaches with many shed tears. He knows.

  2. Tried to leave this note from my phone the other day. Guess it didn't take. Just wanted you to know I'm praying for Ranae and the baby.