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Monday, November 3, 2014

Have You Listened

Yesterday as we drove to church, as per usual, we had the radio on a local Christian station that plays worship music on Sunday morning.  Matter of fact the program is called Worship.  We were talking about something else but I was listening to the words of one of the songs, it is one that we sing regularly in our fellowship and one I have played and led.  It dawned on me that the words were not Biblical, and certainly not worshipful.  The entire focus of the song was on God making us happy, meeting our needs.  That is not what the Bible says He is about.
Have You Listened
Interestingly, in our Sunday school class, the teacher made a comment that was in line with my observation.  He said that one of the things that causes people problems with God is that they misunderstand His purpose.  They think that God is supposed to be focused on giving us what we want and meeting our desires.  There are whole theologies constructed on that sand.

The problem is that view of God’s purpose does not explain suffering, martyrdom, persecution, or God’s discipline.

Notice the lyrics of the songs you sing next?  Ask yourself the question, does this song glorify the majesty, power, and might of God or does it focus on Him being our servant?


  1. Hi Mike - agree whole heartedly - which song are you referring to?

    1. I would rather not share that. I did not in the post intentionally.