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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Structure in 2 Timothy 1 – Part 3

We have been working through 2 Timothy 1.1 – 14, if you are just starting you can get caught up with the links at the bottom.
Structure in 2 Timothy 1 – Part 3
Look at verse 6.  Again I am not going to focus on every marker just hit some of the high points.  Looking at the picture again you can see that the first marker in verse 6 is the phrase “for this reason.”  Pretty clear what that indicates, reason or purpose.  If you look at the context the reason is in the preceding verse. Paul is convinced that Timothy has the same faith as his grandmother and mother.

Paul’s certainty of that faith is the basis for his exhortation to Timothy to kindle afresh Timothy’s gifts.  So the interesting thing here is that Paul is using another’s faith to exhort his apprentice to greater things.  This is not the only time he does this in 2 Timothy.  Look at 2 Timothy 3:14 – 17, Paul again refers to those from whom Timothy learned the Scripture, his mom and grandmom.

Here the structure shows us that Paul expects that people who are from Christian homes will benefit from that environment.

That is not just Paul.  Remember his writing was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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