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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Working Together for Good

Romans 8:28 is a verse we quote a lot.  Many of us have it memorized.  It is a source of solace for us in many of the things that we face on a daily basis.  I was thinking about that earlier today and I am wondering if we may be over using that passage.
Working Together for Good
Looking closely at the passage the promise is conditional.  It has two conditions.  The first is that  the one who has all things work together for good, loves God.  When we examine the concept of Loving God throughout the arc of the New Testament, the idea of loving God is not a casual thing.  It is a commitment, all in, Him first, kind of thing.  We don't just like to be associated with Him, we put Him first, over even our life.

The second condition is that we are called, the text says literally, "according to purpose."  Most of your Bibles add "His" before purpose, the immediate and overall context of the Bible supports that addition.

The point is that it is only as we love Him and are involved in His purpose do all thing work together for good.  It does not seem to be a blanket that we throw over all circumstances in our lives.

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