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Sunday, November 30, 2014


We take a lot for granted.  Well at least I do.  I left my home country, USA, 20 days ago.  I got back last Monday evening.  For the past week I have been recovering from that trip, still am.  Digestive system, lungs, and sinuses are all messed up.  Combination of pollution, dust, and radical diet changes.
I leave again Monday so I need to get over this quick, but back to blessed…

When I flip the light switch I never consider that the lights may not come on.  I do not wonder if the electricity will be on all night.  When I turn on the water, I do not consider the possibility that it may not flow, both hot and cold.  I just rode 11 hours in a car, every road was paved.  People were following the rules, traffic flowed without incident, except through one work zone.

Speaking of work zones, if a water main is cut, it is fixed within a day.  I do not have to deal with having no water for two months with no end in sight.  If I need a doctor, and I do, the hospital is less than a mile away, there are three pharmacies within a mile of my house.

There are a handful of churches within a couple of mile radius of where I live.  There are two Christian radio stations, one large Christian book store, my TV has multiple channels devoted to the Christian faith.

When I laid down to rest when we got back about an hour ago, I did not have to compete for a place to lay down with tomorrow’s lunch and dinner.  The house is climate controlled, not sharing the climate.

When I consider how I live, I am almost embarrassed.  One of the questions that has been plaguing me for the past couple of weeks is why this country is the way it is after 250 years and the one I just left is the way it is after a 1000.

I know one thing for sure, life is easier here, much harder in all aspects there.

I have more questions about that than answers right now.

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