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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kicking off the Traces

If the Bible is no longer relevant, on what is Christianity based?  Thoughts at DTTB.If a person or a Christian organization chooses to no longer engage with and apply the Bible or cherry picks what they choose to follow and apply, can that person or organization still be considered Christian?

I am aware of several organizations who no longer hold the Bible in great esteem.  It works well for them in the sense that they can accommodate more of what the culture asks them to accept.

If there is no difference between what the culture says is acceptable and what a “Christian” organization or person says is acceptable what need is there for a “Christian” anything?

Matthew 5:13 – 15 tells us that followers of Christ are to be salt and light.  John 15:7 says that Christ expects His followers to abide in His Word.

It seems to me that if we are not doing the latter there is no way the former will happen.  However, people might like us better.


  1. Accomodation avoids persecution. It's really about that simple. To adhere to what God says has been unpopular since Genesis 3 in every culture detailed in Biblical history, then on until now. And God has always called His people to adhere to what He says is best. Take note that our culture is no different. The first thing the Serpent says is, "Has God really said?," Then emboldened by Eve's equivocation he pulls out his real big gun, "You surely shall not die," and we've been dead ever since unless we have accepted God's life, on His terms.

    In recent studies I've been impressed anew that the seven churches experienced every sort of condition that we find ourselves facing today, and I have found at least six in myself. The only one missing (so far) is the overt persecution to death faced by the Smyrna believers. Thousands of our brothers and sisters are experience death across the planet today. We may not be as far behind them as we like to think. The on exhortation that is common to all is some form the encouragement to "overcome," whether it's enduring through legalism, persecution, worldliness, accommodation, fear, etc. That's ever the call; we need to hold to the only solid foundation, the Word of God, written and in the flesh.

    Keep sounding the alarm, Mike!