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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Accepting the Sovereignty of God…

I have no problem, well that is not totally accurate, I do struggle a bit, accepting God’s sovereignty over my life.  I will eventually get there, sometimes quicker than others.  It is harder though to watch that play out in the lives of my children and grandchildren.
Ever struggle with the concept of God's sovereignty?  I do.  Thoughts at DTTB.
When difficult things happen in the lives of our kids my first response is not typically well that is best because of the sovereign hand of God in their lives.  I typically, get down and, if I am honest, a bit ticked off at God.  Why did He not come through here?

Later, the truth begins to penetrate.  Psalm 138:8 is a passage that I have leaned on for rough patches in my life.  I believe that God is working through the difficult times to shape me into the instrument that He wants me to be.  Romans 8:28 reinforces that thought.  A couple of days ago I shared some thoughts about the Lord being a master teacher, knowing exactly what it takes for each of us to know Him the way He wants us to know Him.  That means, if I am to read 1 Peter honestly, suffering at some level for each of us.

I am good with that.  For me.  It is really hard to watch it play out in the life of one of my kids.  It is harder for me to trust God with them than it is for me to trust Him for my life.  I have to be reminded that He loves them more than I do.

Still wish I could change things though.

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