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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Grasping at Leadership 3

We have been looking at how the description of the high priest in Hebrews 5, at some level should inform Christian leadership.  Look at verses 2 – 3.  These passages tell us that though the high priest is chosen and appointed to this office, he is no better than those from whom he was chosen and for whom he now offers sacrifices.  Like the ones he leads in worship, he is a sinner in need of the effects of the sacrifices.
What should be the attitude of a Christian leader?  Thoughts at DTTB.
Leadership is bestowed but does not make the leader better than those whom he is chosen to lead.  He is still a sinner, he is still in need of the grace and mercy of Christ.  He is still in need of the leading of the Holy Spirit, and he is still required to abide in Christ and in His Word.

I have encountered Christian leaders who perhaps have not read these two verses.  Those who by virtue of their position consider themselves better than those they were chosen to lead.  My experience is that when there is a leader like that, there will be significant problems with the segment of the Body he is leading.

So not only are we not to grasp leadership, but if we are chosen to lead, we are to remember that we do so only by the call and grace of God and that does not make us less needy of God’s grace and leading.  In fact based on the requirements for leaders spelled out in the New Testament, it would make the leaders much more dependent on that grace and leading.

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