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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Foundation of Trust

I read through Ruth today.  There was only a few verses in the reading plan but I read through the book.  I noticed a thread there that caught my attention.  The tread is Ruth 1:6, 13, 20, 21, 2:4, 12, 4:13.
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Naomi did not have a great time in the first part of the book.  Driven to Moab by famine, which based on the rest of the book was part of God’s plan and doing.  Her husband dies making matters worse.  The bright spot was the marriage of her sons to Orpah and Ruth.  But that quickly turned when they both died leaving her with two widowed daughters.

She returns with Ruth because “the Lord had visited His people in giving them food.”  You know the rest of the story Boaz redeems Ruth and they become the great-grandparents of David.

The story is full of tragedy and redemption.  But both rest on the foundation of God’s sovereign engagement with each element of the story.  The famine drove a family to Moab to bring Ruth back to Boaz so that three generations later David would be king of Israel.

We all go through difficult times.  There are events and people who are negative in our life.  Ruth reminds us that even those negative events and people are purposeful.  They are placed in our lives for purposes that in the moment we probably will not be able to see.  But Ruth peels back the hood for us a bit and shows us that even in the tragedy and struggle there is purpose.

In this case the birth of a king and a savior.  For Ruth is one of only three women mentioned in the lineage of Christ.  As a side note, and this bears further investigation, she and Tamar were both redeemed in Levirate marriage.

When things seem dark, tragic, remember the Sovereign hand of God is still in play in the situation and trust in Him.

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