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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Power of a Kind Word

This will be a bit different.  While it is not specifically about some portion of Scripture, it is probably the application of a vast amount of that that is between Genesis 1:1 and Revelation 22:21.
Have you noticed what a "Thank you," can do?  Thoughts at DTTB.
My brother and I accompanied my dad on his 6th trip to MD Anderson this morning.  To say that is an amazing place would be and epic understatement…  I hope you never have to find out just how amazing it is.  Dad’s oncologist is reputed to be the best in the country for the particular type of cancer with which dad is dealing.  He is from the Middle East, soft voice, not an extrovert.  Until he got his hearing aids a few months ago dad had trouble hearing him.

We got a good report from the PET scan.  The doc explained that though there were some new areas of cancerous growth the rate was slow and none of the major systems of the body were involved.  He told us that to start the chemo again would be hard on dad, make him feel worse, and after the treatment even if the disease was diminished dad would not feel well due to the after affects of the treatment.  So we are to come back in three months for a re-check.

As I mentioned the doctor is not and extrovert.  After he had shared his recommendation and we had shaken hands all around as he was leaving the room, dad said, “Thank you, you have done a great job.”  The doctor stopped, abruptly, turned back toward dad, and with a rare smile on his face, no it was more than that, he lit up and said, “Thank you.”  He then turned back to the door and made his way out.

It was striking because it was the first real emotion that we have seen from him in a year.  Those few words seemed to transform his demeanor.

It struck me that most of the people with whom he deals on a daily basis are in dire straits.  It may be that many do not take the time to thank him.  In our case dad will not be cured of this.  The doctor at MDA and the oncologist here in dad’s hometown are attempting to extend his life and maintain the quality of that life.  They are doing and exceptional job.

They need to be thanked.  It occurs to me that there are many in our spheres of influence that are in need of thanks.

It draws them to us and through us to the Savior.

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