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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stupid is as Stupid Does...

I work hard not to repeat posts here but there are some passages that are so good, most of them actually, that it is hard to resist.  I wrote about Jeremiah 10:19-22 earlier this year.  This morning in one of the groups with which I am studying Jeremiah we hit this passage again.  It is rich.
God does not mince words.  He calls stupid, stupid.  Thoughts at DTTB.
We think of God sometimes as this benevolent grandfather figure who just loves us no matter what we do, say, or believe.  He is such a milquetoast teddy bear that whether we are homosexual or straight, Muslim or Buddhist, Druid or Hindu, it won’t really matter He will love us into His presence.  I live in a town where a pastor of a large mega church began to teach that.

The thing about God is that politically correct is not really His thing.  He calls stupid, stupid.  He does that here in Jeremiah 10:21.  He says not seeking Him is stupid.  Not misguided, stupid.  Not alternative lifestyle or faith, stupid.  Not free thinking, stupid.  He is not in the habit of mincing words.

The Bible is pretty clear, no check that, really clear, about homosexuality, murder, what it takes to be delivered from eternal punishment, most of the issues that are debated endlessly by the “elite” informed intellectuals in the press.  If you want a taste of their wisdom, read comments on someone’s website where they have taken a Biblical stand on a homosexual lifestyle.

The point of Jeremiah is that God has created us, He has offered to redeem us as a people, and we have turned our back on Him and chosen to create our own much better, wise, and more enlightened means of getting that redemption accomplished.


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