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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back to the Structure...

The question on the table, from a couple of days ago, is what do we make of the observations in Psalm 103:2 – 18?
What did you see in Psalm 103?  Thoughts at DTTB.
David says we are like the grass (verse 15).  That metaphor is used throughout scripture to underscore brevity.  What David is describing here is our brief life that is covered over and packed with sin.  In contrast with that he paints a picture of the Lord as one who is graciously patient with these beings who essentially are raging, impotent vapor.  For those who fear Him, for those, He removes their sin.

It is an overwhelming picture of God’s grace toward His people in the midst of Psalms.  We expect to see grace in the New Testament.  It is throughout the Book.

It is a joy to see it.


  1. Thanks for making the point. Usually all I note from OT study is woe and judgment - paying for sin either via expensive sacrifice or out of hide, literally. It is good to see God's forgiveness throughout scripture, and not just in Paul's writings.

    1. You're welcome. It is such good stuff...

    2. It is funny that you made that comment. Tuesday morning I was in a similar conversation. With two other men. We have just finished a study on Jeremiah and were discussing what to do next. On the table was Lamentations or a NT book. One of the men who was in the study but not on the call, said he was tired of doom and gloom.

      Sunday our guest speaker shared from Luke 24:27, 44. The point was that it was the Old Testament that was used by Christ in His ministry. It was the Old Testament that Paul studied. It was from that study that he built his theology.

      I am reading Scripture and Truth at the moment. Not far into the book still on the first chapter, but the importance and veracity of all of the Word is being strongly highlighted by the work of the essayists and editors.

      We tend to stay with the New Testament because it is there that we more clearly see Christ. It is interesting to me that when Christ was sharing about who He was and what He was to do it was to the Old Testament that He turned.