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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Little Victories

I know that I said yesterday that I would share my thoughts on Psalm 103, but one of the men in the workshop tonight shared a breakthrough that illustrates really well everything this blog and Entrusting Truth is about.
We need to celebrate the little breakthroughs with our kids.  Thoughts at DTTB.
Just before he left home for the workshop he went into his seven year old son’s room to say goodnight.  His son was reading his children’s Bible that our church gives to them.  He started asking questions about the last supper.  My friend, rather than answering the questions, suggested that they read the account in Matthew.  They did.

His son asked more questions about the event.  My friend suggested that they read what Mark said about it, in the process my friend explained to his son how the gospels were different and gave different perspectives on the same event.  Mark added some detail for his son which precipitated more questions.  So Luke, then John.

30 minutes later they were done.  His son was excited about what he saw in the text.  They did not look at the notes in the Bible, they read the text and my friend asked questions to help his son observe the text more completely.  That caused his son to form questions of his own.  He learned that the Bible can explain itself, and more importantly he learned that his dad can help him through the process.

I’m good with that result.

Back to Psalm 103 tomorrow...