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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Raising Our Kids Under Grace – Two

Yesterday I asked the question is it possible to raise our kids as believers fully aware of their completed position in Christ and not have them go through any phase of legalism.  I mentioned that in my experience that has not happened, everyone I know has at sometime succumbed to some form of a performance based Christianity.
We need examples of how to raise our kids under grace.  Thoughts at DTTB.
In our discussion on this yesterday morning, one of the men referred to a woman we all know who was so loved by her parents, and thus so secure in her relationship with Christ that when confronted with a performance standard by a Christian organization, she was not impacted.  It just did not faze her.  She knew that she was loved by Christ whether the organization approved or not.  That is huge.

I do not think I did that well with my kids.  I am not sure that the example is exactly on target here but the message is really good.  I am talking about a documentary I saw this week on ESPN, The Book of Manning.  If you are struggling with or want to raise your kids under grace I highly recommend watching this.  Especially if you are or your family has a competitive streak.  Pay attention to what Archie says about his direction to his sons and how his son’s portray the advice their father gave them.

I have it recorded on my DVR and have already pre-ordered the DVD.  It is one I will use working with dads.

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