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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pursing Emptiness

More from “basking.”

Look at Jeremiah 2:5.  Specifically in the last phrase the prophet says that the people “walked after emptiness and became empty…”  When I read that it feels like I am reading and indictment of this age.
If it is true that we become what we pursue, how should that inform our choices?  Thoughts at DTTB.
Look at the headlines on Fox News or the Drudge report.  Much of what is presented as news has no real benefit.  It deals with diets and love stories of the rich and famous, real life altering content.  Or we spend a great deal of time looking at some of the things I mentioned yesterday, stats from football games or articles on the upcoming game (OK, I may be the only one that does that).

The scary thing is that this passage tells us that we become what we pursue.  If we pursue futile stuff we will become futile; empty, then empty.

However the converse is true and Christ emphasized that in Matthew 6:6 dif He not?  If we pursue righteousness, if we walk after that, we will be satisfied…

Seems not to be such a tough choice?

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