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Monday, March 11, 2013


In the movie “The Point,” the main character Oblio is banished to the pointless forest because he was not born with a pointed head – it was the 70’s, what can I say.  When he and his dog Arrow enter the forest they meet the pointed man…

What has this to do with us teaching the Bible to our kids, you ask – and well you should?  We are pulled in many directions.  We have books written by good authors, messages on MP3, blogs, magazines, websites devoted to minute slices of the Christian life.  That does not count the stuff that is going on in our local church.  If we do not focus all of the things we do will have the same effect that the pointed man exposed to Oblio.  Effort (or a point) in every direction is the same as no effort (point) at all.

Psalm 27:4 and John 5:39 – 40 give us a fairly good description of at what we should be focused.  Knowing Christ.  If what we are doing is not moving us closer to Him we should think seriously about stopping it.

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