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Thursday, March 14, 2013


In 1997 Phillip Yancy wrote Disappointment with God.  I have not read the book, but I get it.  Most of us are not really sure it is OK to acknowledge that, in fact, we may be just be a tad disappointed with Him.  I was, last night.  So much so that I could not sleep.  The details are not relevant but in general I was not happy with the way He was using me, He is in the process of answering a long standing prayer request in a manner of which I do not approve, and there were issues with some of my kids in which I did not think He was engaging properly.  Yeah, I suppose I am supposed to be better than that, but I am who I am…
Why do I get disappointed with God?
The interesting thing about Him is that when I am struggling with Him over issues like this, He guides me through directing me through some means or another to a passage of Scripture that begins to reorient me.  True to form…  I have read, memorized, sung, and otherwise interacted with Psalm 100 for just about 40 years.  But today He used it to bear down on my disappointment with Him.

Verse 3, “…it is He who has made us…”  We, I did not make Him.  He is not a creation of mine to do my will or to meet my needs or to carry out what I think is best.  He made me.  He formed me in mom’s womb starting in November of 1949 intentionally, for a reason, His reason (Psalm 139, Ephesians 2:10).  Still in 3, “…We are HIS people and the sheep of HIS pasture…” (Emphasis added).  This is His creation, His plan, His ministry, His kingdom, not mine.  As Rick Warren so succinctly put it in the first sentence of The Purpose Driven Life, it’s not about me.

My disappointment with Him rises out of the sewer of my self-absorbed demands.

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