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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stupid, Delusional Human Tricks

If you have read the Bible much, really, any at all, you may have noticed that there is no notion of political correctness in its pages.  That should not be a great shock, since PC is a new invention.  No the Bible tells it like it is.

Jeremiah 10 is no exception.  If you look at verses 1 - 16 you will note that the Holy Spirit calls coming up with gods other than the God of the Bible is, "stupid," verses 8 and 14; and "delusional," verse 8.  There is also in this passage a rich description of the gods we as stupid, delusional people tend to make for ourselves.  I particularly find the description at the end of verse 5 intriguing, "...they can do no harm, nor can they do any good."  Which begs the obvious question why would anyone engage in that futility.  The answer, they are delusional and stupid.
The Bible knows nothing of political correctness, it calls stupid, stupid...
When we come up with means to reach God, or come up with other gods to pursue, we fall into those categories.  Before we go patting ourselves on the back we probably ought to consider 2 Corinthians 10:12.  In evangelical Christianity we tend to compare ourselves or our communities to see how we are stacking up...  Paul's analysis is that endeavor is without understanding - ie. stupid, delusional.

So what should we be about?  Perhaps the answer is what Christ told those who asked Him in John 6:28 - 29, "...believe in Him whom He has sent."

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