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Friday, March 15, 2013


Do you ever have time with the Lord that you do not want to share with anyone else?  I read a really thin book on worship several years ago – 26 years ago I think.  In it the author was talking about his personal worship of Christ.  He stated in there something that I am just now beginning to understand.  He said some of his times with the Lord were so intensely personal that he would not share what he experienced with anyone.  At the time I thought that was weird – it seems I am getting weird.
Do you ever have time with God so rich that you do not want to share it with others?

To get here in my journey, it has taken me slowing down.  Those of you who know me, know that I am a driver, type A, high hostile, choleric, or however whatever personality instrument with which you are familiar describes hard chargers.  So it takes a lot to get my attention.  For the past nine years I have been journaling consistently.  What I have been learning is that one of the advantages to that discipline is that it slows me way down.  It forces me to consider more closely what God is saying in our time together in the Word.  I am speaking here of devotional time not study.

The point is that it is in that slow, abiding, is where God has been consistently showing up to encourage, correct, and lead.  Today was no exception.  But it was intensely personal.  I wish that type of worship for you...

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