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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Still Stuck...

At least a couple of more thoughts on Jeremiah 6:10 – 21 – well one today anyway…  Look at 13; spend some time thinking through the implications of that verse.
Money is required to do ministry, but when money becomes the object - the ministry is false...
The indictment is general; covers the entire nation of Judah.  All the people, the prophets, the priests, all of them became focused on the gain, the riches that flowed from following God.  Note well what follows from that – false teaching.  A good cross reference to what Jeremiah is saying here is the book of 2 Peter – it is only 61 verses about the length of a chapter in Luke.  It deals with false teachers and their handling of the Word of God.

This is hard.  I have personally seen many in Christian work torpedoed by an improper focus on finances.  On the other hand in order to continue to minister, most of them, us, need monies.  The line is crossed when the money becomes the driver.  It apparently is an easy line to cross.

I am going to stick with being stuck here for at least a couple of more days…

1 comment:

  1. As one who has lived with this tension for 45 years I can testify how difficult it can be. At first it was easy; single, miniscule needs, high on adrenalin, willing to eat a lot of soup, mac and cheese, day old bread, etc. Growing family responsibilities tend to change all that. Disposing of most of the stuff, moving overseas, then back, starting again, more taxes, fees, kids to college, on and on.

    It's been back and forth, up and down. The freedom to ask, to present our work, yea even the apparent necessity to do so can take way too much focus and loss of the key ingredient - trust in the Provider. True, generally He uses other people for their benefit and His greater glory. At times He has stepped in the provided in a way I don't really know how ("miraculously?"). In reality He means it to be another way to develop dependence on Him, gratitude for Him and His people and growth in faith.

    Tough! But would I change it...? I'm not always sure I wouldn't.