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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Foundation of Effectiveness

Psalm 145 is one of my favorites.  I know this because just about every verse of Psalm 145 is underlined in my Bible.  Today I was drawn to verses 3 – 5.  As you are probably aware a primary focus for me is getting  men engaged in teaching the Bible to their children.  So it makes sense that this passage flies off the page at me.  The thing I noticed today is a strong support for my other main focus.
Meditation on the wonders of God's work is the foundation for effective communication of truth to our kids - and others.
In the last part of verse 5 David says that he will meditate on God’s wonderful works.  Strong word that – meditate.  It is variously translated consider and muse (there are others but they do not apply here).  Consider that for a moment.  David says that he will be quiet, think through what God has done, look at it from every angle, run it over in his thoughts over and over again, until it becomes engrained in his thinking and experience.  That takes time, quiet, concentration, focus, perhaps solitude, and probably a journal.  Most of those things are in short supply these days.

Note though that this is the third mention of God’s works in these three verses.  I would submit for your consideration that it is the meditation on God’s works that enables effective communication of those works to the next generation.  It takes more than a cursory glance at what God has done for us to be able to communicate His greatness to our kids – or anyone else for that matter.

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