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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Universally Comprehensive

“All,” is a word that I tend to avoid.  In my experience nothing seems to happen all of the time.  In our marriage we do not say to one another that the other always does whatever.  It is not true and tends toward defensiveness and escalation of conflict.  Even positive “alls” are avoided.  They are typically not true either.  I do not do anything consistently, except perhaps sin.
Seeking God seems to be a priority with significant benefits...
So when I read Psalm 34:4 – 10, I am struck by the universal declarations about God’s provision that David makes:
  • Verse 4 – delivered from all my fears
  • Verse 6 – saved out of all troubles
  • Verse 10 – not in want of any good thing

What is the catch?  There is not one but there is a prerequisite:
  • Verse 4 – I sought the Lord…
  • Verse 6 – This poor man cried and the Lord heard…
  • Verse 10 – They who seek the Lord…
The message seems to be clear.  Seeking the Lord is important and results in deliverance, salvation, and provision.

That begs the question what does seeking the Lord look like.

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