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Saturday, January 19, 2013


Today we celebrated my father’s 90th birthday.  About 76 family and friends gathered at my dad’s country club to celebrate and honor his life.  Part of the time I shared a photo presentation of dad’s life.  In putting that presentation together my wife and I sifted through about 4000 pictures that my parents had collected over the span of their lives.  The pictures started before my dad’s birth and covered up to the past few weeks.
What will be the legacy you will leave your family?
 Assembling the presentation reinforced for me the legacy my dad has left.  It is much more valuable than money.  His life has been characterized by honor, faithfulness, loyalty, and the protection and promotion of those in need or encouragement.  He has maintained contact with people he has known for north or 60 years; more than that he has gone out of his way to serve them.

His service to our country in WWII was heroic.  His unit was part of the occupation of Germany post war and was responsible to find and recruit the German rocket scientists that formed the basis for our space program.  It has been and continues to be an exceptional life.

He is a great role model and a constant reminder of what is important for me as a father.  I am honored to be his son.