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Sunday, January 20, 2013


In Isaiah 45:11 we read, “…ask me about the things concerning my sons and you shall commit to me the work of My hands.”  Reading that just now I was reminded of the critical importance of prayer when it comes to the daunting task of rearing children in this age.  We face incredible pressures that are intentionally designed to thwart our efforts to raise children who love God’s Word and love the Lord.  Most media is negative to overtly hostile to Christianity.  We are compared to radicals of religions that do not follow God.  We are dismissed as uninformed and backward.  But we have a radical power, prayer.
As fathers when we pray we commit our children to the work of God's hands.

When you take some time to look at Isaiah 45:11 several key things come to light.  First, we are invited to come to God in prayer.  He commands us to ask Him.  Then look at the result of that query.  It commits to Him His work.  Think of that.  By the act of coming to Him and seeking His best for our children, it commits His work in them to Him.  That is powerful.

We should probably take Him up on that invitation.