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Friday, January 11, 2013

Guard Your Pastor

There are seasons when I find myself drawn to a passage of scripture again and again.  In this last year that passage has been Jeremiah 23.
Encourage your pastor in his time with God.  Work with him to guard and protect that time.
There have been a number of events that have driven me there.  Most have been in response to a Christian leader who either spoke without reference to Scripture or else badly mishandled the Word of God in their message.

Embedded in Jeremiah 23 are several significant warnings for those who would choose to share the Word of God.  They seem parallel to James 3:1.  A few years ago I was told by a church consultant that a significant percentage of pastors have begun to download sermons from the internet to preach rather than preparing their own messages.  Verse 30 seems to speak directly to that practice.

Pastors are under incredible pressure and in most cases unreasonable expectations.  The best way a pastor can serve you is to spend much time with his Lord in His Word.  Then to share with you not only what he has gleaned from His presence, but also how you can enter there with him.  Encourage those who have taken on this mantle.  Help them to guard their time in the study.  It is critical not only for them but for the health of your community.

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