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Monday, January 21, 2013

Rabbit Trails

I do not know about you but there are times when I read passages of scripture that say things that I do not really understand.  Sometimes I stop and try to check out what the passage is saying other times I let it go.  Unfortunately there are times when I take the latter action more often than not.
One of the things we have to learn in Bible study is when to chase rabbits and when to let them go...
It may be impractical to chase down everything one does not understand, especially if one is just getting into studying the Bible.  We call that chasing rabbits.  But at some point avoiding bunnies becomes lazy study.  Not sure how to tell you how to know when to chase, but I do know that I found myself on the trail of one this morning that I need to follow through to its conclusion.

Probably the best measure of whether you need to give chase to the furry distraction is how much time you have for your study and whether you can complete it if you chase the hare.  One test may be to start briefly down the trail to see if it really ads to the study.  If it does not but seems promising make a note of it so you can come back and chase the trail when you have more time.

That is what I did this morning.