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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sick and Excited

Most of today I have been in bed with about a 101.3 fever.  I did have one meeting before I crashed.  It was a good one.  I met with a guy who was an Olympic class athlete.  He told me his story and it is an amazing testimony to God’s grace and intervention.  But as good as that was it was not what made the meeting epic.
If one is open to the other gifts in the Body epic things can happen.  We are not in this alone.
We talked for about an hour about how to engage men like him in the workshops I do.  Most of them are as he is former world class athletes who, using his words, a bit restless.  He asked great questions about how to shorten the actual meetings and possibly extend the workshop in to four shorter modules.  They were good ideas and I have the assignment of thinking that through for the next few weeks.

What made this epic for me was the way our gifts meshed to think through the challenges we face engaging men in fighting for their families through and with the Word of God.  Each of us brought the gifting and experience with which God has equipped us and the dialog produced more than either of us would have created on our own.

This is how the Body should work.