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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Waiting and the Word

This morning a conversation with a friend about hearing the voice of God was on my mind when I woke up.  I was thinking about my experience and wondering how to help others.  Shortly after I got up I was reading in Psalm 130:5 – 6.  Don’t know about you but it is stunning to me when the Word speaks directly to what is on my heart so rapidly; it has happened twice today already.
What role does the Word of God play in waiting on the Lord.
Repetition in Hebrew is tantamount to writing in bold letters with an exclamation point.  Look at what is repeated in Psalm 130:5 – 6:
  • I wait
  • My soul does wait
  • My soul waits
  • More than the watchman in the morning
  • More than the watchman in the morning
Note also what is in the middle of all of the repletion:  In His word do I hope.

There are three significant observations here:
  1. The importance of waiting on the Lord
  2. The centrality of the Word of God in waiting on the Lord
  3. The attitude of those who are waiting on the Lord
Think through those and let me know how your respond.  I may give you mine tomorrow or the next day.