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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Living With the End in Mind

In the workshops we do, Fathers to Sons, Dads Teach the Bible, and Parents Teach the Bible, we study the book of 2 Peter.  There are a lot of reasons for this; one is that is only 61 verses long so it can be read quickly.  The second is that it is packed.  One of the themes that permeates the letter is the second coming of Christ.  For the past few days in my time with the Lord I have been reading in Joel and 2 Peter.  Both books examine the coming or “day of the Lord.”
How should the reality of Christ's return and the destruction of this world inform our daily choices?  Peter says it shroud...
Part of the exercise we do on 2 Peter is to identify the key verse for the book.  In the workshops verses from each chapter have been chosen by the participants for good reasons, there are many through which one can view the book.  One of the verses that someone in each workshop will choose is 2 Peter 3:11.  After telling us that this world is temporary and that it will be destroyed by fire, Peter rhetorically asks how that information should impact our daily life choices.

There are at least two ways to approach the fact that the Bible says Christ is going to return.  One is to try to figure out all of the details and the sequence of events so that we can nail down the particulars.  A lot of ink and toner has been applied to paper in pursuit of this objective.  The second is to ignore all of the hype surrounding this as irrelevant.

Peter, inspired by the Holy Spirit, commands a third response.  To live one’s life in light of the fact that Christ is going to return and at that return will hold His disciples accountable for the choices they have made on their life journey.  Peter’s point of view is that it is not our career or family objectives that should drive our daily decisions but rather the reality of Christ’s sovereign return.  Joel agrees.

How should that impact our day?

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