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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Events have happened in the past few weeks that have reopened old wounds.  Praying through those this morning I was essentially complaining to God about the situation.  He was not dealing with those who had caused the wounds in a manner in which I approved.  These people had hurt me and my family, they had sinned against us; what the heck is going on here…
Have you ever had to deal with those who continually have sinned against you?  How did you handle that?
Psalm 51:4 came to mind.  Sin against a person is ultimately sin against God.  That threw my prayer in an entirely different direction.  I begin to realize that all that had been done to me I had, in some form or fashion also done to God.  His response was to send His Son to die for me so that He could restore the relationship.  I certainly would not send any of my three sons to die for these people.

My struggle with this situation has brought into sharp relief the magnitude of what God did that we celebrated yesterday.  All of humanity betrayed Him.  All of us turned our backs on Him.  We continually despise and ignore Him.  Yet rather than be embittered against us, He does not count our sin against us but rather sends His Son to die for our rebellion, 2 Corinthians 5:19.