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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Isaiah 30:15 - 16 paints a picture for us of the results of disobeying God.  It is a starkly painted picture because it is contrasted with the what appears on the surface to be a fairly simple command from The Lord.
We have a choice to either repent and rest in God or else run and look like a fool...

Look at the contrast:
  • Repent and Rest
  • No, we will flee on horses
The Lord told the people of Israel that if they were to repent and rest or trust in Him they would be fine.  Instead the people came up with their own plan.  They would run away as quickly as they could from their challenges, their problem, their sin.  The result?
  • You are left as a flag on a mountain top and an flag on a hill
The people became and example of what not to do.
It is especially important because most of us, at least me, are more interested in schemes of escape than learning to wait on The Lord.  Why?  We are a lot like Peter.  We have a bias for action.  Do not just stand there, waiting, do something, anything, sitting still, waiting is not productive, it is lazy.

But waiting and trusting is what The Lord commands.  He does not need our schemes.  He needs and commands our trust.