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Monday, July 30, 2012

Very Angry

We are at war.  The culture is increasingly hostile to Christians.  It is more and more difficult to raise a Godly family with the media influences that saturate our daily lives.  This is not about some political leaning or one issue campaign it is about the truth of 1 Peter 5:8, we have a determined, completely evil enemy that is committed to our destruction.  He uses all of the assets at his command, media, governments, all systems toward that end.  How do we respond?
As believers and apprentices of Christ are we never supposed to be angry?
We are told over and over again that Christians should be nice, gentle, non confrontational, tolerant, coexisting people.  Really?  1 Samuel 11:6 took me aback just now.  Here is a man on whom the Holy Spirit came “mightily,” the result?  He became very angry and waged war.  His people were threatened and he took action.  Christ also got angry, Mark 11:12 – 18, Matthew 21:12 -19, Luke 19:45 – 48.  There are some things about which Christians should be angry and take a vocal and active stand.

Last week one believer did.  Dan Cathy shared that he believed the Bible was correct that marriage was between a man and a woman.  The world descended on him with fury.  I have even seen facebook posts from “Christians” deploring his comments.  When the Bible is attacked, when believers who take a stand for the Truth of the Word are vilified, we should be like Saul and Christ and get very angry.  It is God’s name that is being slandered.  We must come to the aid and stand with those who are taking a stand.  We as believers must take a stand.

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