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Friday, July 27, 2012


Yesterday I shared the safety we have as believers as we enter into the discipline of study to know Christ more through the Bible.  Let’s look at that again from a slightly different perspective.
Even though we are safe when we come to learn more about Christ, we need to expose our knowledge of Him to test and refine it.
Yesterday we said that any growth we have comes after failure and we looked at several examples of that.  What I would suggest to you today is that as believers we should seek ways to expose our faith and our knowledge of Him.  How?  There are several ways.  First lead a Bible study.  Within six months after I trusted Christ I was leading seven studies a week – that is a bit extreme but the point is I learned much more than the people who were in the studies.  You may say you do not have time for this – before you do I did that while in Undergraduate Pilot Training in the Air Force.  One makes time for what is important.

Second, teach a Sunday School class.  In doing that you will learn much more than the people you are teaching.  Plus they will ask you questions that will drive you back into the Word.

Third, go on a short term mission trip and do whatever you can to serve.  It will expose your cultural prejudices and expose you to things God is doing in other places.

The point is that you stretch.  Expose yourself to situations that task your understanding of Christ.  Then take those questions back to Him in His word.

Risk.  Engage.  Explore.  See Him provide not only resources but more of Himself to you.

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