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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This was a long day.  Started this morning meeting with an old friend with whom I had not talked for some time.  We talked over breakfast for over two hours.  It was good to get caught up.  Helped my neighbor who suffers from Parkinson’s get out of bed.  Met online with the men with whom I have been studying the Kingdom of God for the past year.  Untied the ropes from the top and bottom rings of my son’s Djembe. Took my sons Djembe to a welder to fix the bottom ring which broke last week when he was tightening the ropes.  Went to my daughter’s house to trim the hedges.  Picked up the Djembe.  Went to my part time job, there bought new top and bottom ropes and cloth to cover the rings.  Got off work about an hour and a half ago. Bought some Elmer's Glue to fuse the cloth to the rings on the way home...
Even the not so exciting days should be lived for the Lord.
There was nothing really remarkable about this day.  It was filled with things that were mostly mundane.  But one of the things we talked about this morning in the Kingdom study, was that we are charged to do all that we do excellently.  Colossians 3:17, 23 tells us that we are to do even the mundane, the routine, all that we do for Him.  We may not think it makes a difference.  But the Lord says it does.  We are to do all for Him, for me that includes driving between those events.  

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