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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Does Truth Matter

I had a conversation today with a friend that was disturbing.  I read a facebook post from another friend over which I lost sleep.  In both cases my friends took positions on controversial issues that did not align with what the Bible, in its simple words, says.  I love both of these people; one of them was engaged with us in a mission for a number of years.  The other I have known for over a decade and I know him to be one who tries to follow Christ.
Does it matter what the Bible says?  Or can we just work with it so it says what we want it to say?
 The world is under the domain of Satan.  He is not a big fan of the Bible, Christ, Christians, or a Christian world view.  If you would like to know what he is about these days, look at the popular trends.  As a nation and a culture we have moved further and further away from the content of the Bible.  Alternately dismissing as cultural thus irrelevant and then reading into the text what we want it to say, using “experts” who share our opinions to validate what we want the Bible to say; and in so doing essentially ignoring the clear meaning of the text.  We do so at our peril.

In the Dads Teach the Bible meeting this morning we looked briefly at what the Bible says about itself.  In preparation for an “exhaustive” study of the Bible on the Bible I created a word document that has every verse I could find on the Bible in the Bible in three columns; original text, English translation, column for notes.  The document is 589 pages without any of my notes.  What others say about the Bible means may be interesting, but it is the Bible that is inspired.  If it says something is wrong – say for instance homosexuality – no manner of verbal gymnastics, logic, protests, or loud, angry voices can change the marks that were put on the page.  It just is.

The problem is exacerbated when those in the Church mirror the attitudes of the culture.  Rather than take a stand on what the Bible says and face the vitriol of the world; it is much easier to put a “tolerance” or “coexist” bumper sticker on the car and try to blend in.  Problem is that is not the assignment.

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