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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Engaged Response

Yesterday I posed the question what do you do when you sense God is not behaving in a way that is consistent with what you understand about Him.
When God does not behave the way we think He should we only have two options.
One of my friends responded that he mopes.  Not me, I blame; usually others or something that is outside of my control.  Recently I saw a sterling corporate example of this on Drudge.  Just after the Colorado Wildfires and the storm that ravaged the east leaving millions without power in the midst of a heat wave, the AP headline declared that this was the logical result of global warming.  Could not have been God’s hand or judgment on us.  After all we are good and most of us don’t really believe that He would operate like that; after all He is a God of love.  Never mind that we have:

  • Butchered 10 times more people than Nazi Germany since 1973 in the name of choice
  • Affirmed and promoted perversion in the name of choice
  • Chosen people who habitually lie, cheat, and steal as leaders and call that normal
  • (There was a fourth, but I deleted it before I posted this – those three were enough)

As a country we look for something  or somebody else to blame rather than take stock of how we have behaved.  I do the same thing.  I came face to face with that again in my life just this morning.  If God does not seem to be acting the way I expect from my understanding of His Word, I only have two options.  First, I have to look hard at my heart.  Is there something there with which I have not yet dealt that may be causing God to remove His hand from me or is there something that He is trying to teach me?  Second, I need to look hard at my understanding of God.  I may have a perverted view of who He says He is.  

The unfortunate truth is both of those require time.  It is much easier to find someone or some situation to blame, or simply complain.

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