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Monday, July 9, 2012


This morning I was reading in Psalm 11.  My undergraduate degree is in Civil Engineering, so I was brought up short by verse 3.  The foundation of a building is critical.  The picture below is a prime example.  The foundation was not designed well and the result is obvious.
We have to pay attention to the foundation of our Christian life if we are to avoid catastrophic failure.
In all that we are doing with our kids, we are laying the foundation for their lives.  To suggest that is critical work borders on gross understatement.  But it is also true that foundations have to be maintained.  In the case of buildings they are inspected for possible failure and remedial work is done to prevent problems.  That is the case as well for both our individual and corporate Christian life.

We have to make sure that the foundation of our relationship with Christ is on solid ground.  Additionally we have to make sure that the footings of the organizations with which we fellowship are stable.  The elements of a strong foundation include but are not limited to a strong commitment to the study and application of the Word of God, Prayer, the Centrality of the Person and Work of Christ, and dependence on the Holy Spirit.  Those are not options either for individual believers or organizations.  To the extent that an individual or organization diminishes in practice or importance any of these, to that extent they are in peril of the same fate as the building above.

We have to pay attention to the foundation.


  1. Perfect timing. This is the perfect post that goes right along side with what I have been struggling with personally. I am realizing the poor quality of my spiritual foundation. Being newer to the faith, I have built my foundation by grabbing bits of information at a time to build a patchwork, one-legged Jenga tower. My foundation is the first 30 years of my life with Christian topics thrown on top. How does one totally tear down the walls and foundation and build from the ground up? This is what I hope God will show me.

  2. Good post, Mike, and a great response, Gill. I've been at this for many years, but if we don't think I need to wrestle with this I'm living in fatal denial! I wish I could relive many years during the time our children were in our home.

    The solution I see is perhaps two-fold. First, truth is the only solid foundation (see, e.g., Titus 1:1b.). Paul was a bulldog regarding truth! And the only place I can find real truth is the Word of God. Why else did the Adversary choose this quality of God in his first attack (Genesis 3:1,4)? The devil is not very creative - he's committed to the same tactic today.

    But related to that is I must develop my own convictions (under the ministry of the Holy Spirit) on the great truths of the Scriptures. Meaning I need to probe them deeply and as Mike mentioned, apply them rigorously to the real situations of my life. Having been on this journey for 50+ years of my life I don't find it any easier at all. I am really only beginning to realize the dimensions of the battle I am in for my own life, my children and grandchildren, my wife and marriage, my God-given mission in His harvest field.

    Besides solid, ongoing Bible study, memory, etc., I need buddies who will pin me to the wall and make me face reality about what I am learning, my life, and what I'm doing about truth. That's part of my responsibility for my children
    and my three sons-in-law (who are 34-40 years old), as well as my grandchildren who are four months to ten years old. I never will end until I stand before God to give account. The issues are never the same that they face, but the solutions always are found in God's truth.

    Press on, Gill! It's a thrilling - and sometimes terrifying - journey. But God is in it, and more committed to our success than we are!