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Saturday, July 7, 2012


There are times I do not understand God.  I do not understand what He either chooses to do or else what He chooses not to do.  I sure would not run things the way He does.  Sometimes it seems like He is completely uninvolved, things are happening that the Bible says He hates, yet He does not respond.  It is confusing.
Even when we do not understand what He is doing, God is at work.
Then I read something like Psalm 147.  Take a minute and read through it and underline or note the verbs that describe God’s engagement.

These are what I saw:
Build up Gather Heal Bind up Support Bring down
Cover Provide Grow Give food Favor Strengthen
Bless Make peace Satisfy Send Forth Give Scatter
Those are just a few…  The picture is of a God who is fully, completely engaged.  So when things are not going as it seems they should according to my understanding of the Word, what should be my response?  What do you think?  More on this tomorrow…

1 comment:

  1. I sulk, until God re-engages! But He's stubborn and that usually doesn't work with Him.

    Eventually, I make myself read the Bible awhile, and I wrestle with whether I want to believe in this God any more.

    But boy, is He stubborn!