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Thursday, March 8, 2018

What He Promises

The workshops that I do are built around 2 Peter (here @ Bible Gateway).  There are a number of reasons for this.  One it is a short book, 61 verses, so participants can read it quickly, usually I give them 20 minutes.  Second, the content is incredibly deep.  There is one aspect of that content on which this post will focus…
What He Promises
First, look at Genesis 21:1 (here @ Bible Gateway).  Note the focus of the verse.  God did as He said, God did as He promised.  He was faithful to His Word.  He did what He said He would do.  Numbers 23:19 (here @ Bible Gateway) echoes this truth.  He says, He will do it.  He speaks, He will make it good.  He is consistent.  He is faithful.  He does not lie.  He always does what He says He will do.

Now look at 2 Peter 1:2 – 4 (here @ Bible Gateway).  Take a few minutes and make as many observations as you can about those two sentences (2 – 3 is one sentence).

There is a ton in these two sentences.  Focus on this for a minute, what does the near demonstrative “these” refer to in verse 4 (here @ Bible Gateway)?

I would suggest “these” refers to “His own glory and excellence”.  The promises of God are based on His nature, His character.  His Word, reflects who He is.

You know those whose word is not good.  You can be fairly sure that they will not do what they said they will do.  You also know those whose word is gold.  If they say something will be done, you do not have to ever wonder again if it was.  Their word is good.  For both, their word, or better their actions based on their word reveal their character.

It is the same with God.  Peter is telling us not only that we can trust God to do what He says, but also that what He promises us reveals His divine nature to us in that as we build our lives around what He has said and promised, we actually partake of His nature, it becomes part of our experience.

This is just a short intro into a profound truth of Scripture.  I have shared this more times than I can count.  However the reality of what Peter is sharing with us here, continues to overwhelm.

Do not gloss over this.  Spend some time praying and thinking through the implications of what Peter is saying here.