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Friday, March 2, 2018

Sarai’s Folly

It is often hard to trust God.  Especially, if we are associated with one whom God is leading and we are charged with following.  Abram’s wife, Sarai, faced this reality.  Read Genesis 16:2 (here @ Bible Gateway).
Sarai’s Folly
Sarai knew what God had promised Abraham.  She came up with a scheme to help the promise along.

Here are some observations about this situation:
  • The promise was to Abram
  • Sarai was a part of that promise
  • Sarai was not the primary recipient of the promise
  • Sarai could not see how the promise could be fulfilled
  • Sarai came up with her own solution
  • Sarai thought her solution was in line with the promise
  • Sarai convinced Abram to follow her plan
  • She did not trust God, she trusted her scheme
Sarai’s actions parallel Eve’s actions in the garden (the enemy’s hand is all over this)
  • Question the Word (Promise) of God
  • What He said will not happen
  • Take matters into her own hand
  • Create a mess
If we are honest with ourselves, that pattern has repeated itself multiple times in our lives.

Sarai’s folly becomes ours.