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Tuesday, March 27, 2018


I am going to have trouble expressing this.
I have met with men over the years that knew the Bible.  They knew theology.  They had the right answers.  They could even quote verses to support their positions.  At times they saw things in the Word that I missed and I was helped by their insight.

However, with all of the knowledge of the Bible, the ability to express sound doctrine, having all of the right answers, something was off.  There seemed to be a disconnect between what they knew and – this is where I struggle to put this into words.  It was if what they knew did not affect them.  There was no joy.  All was matter of fact.  There was no sense of wonder or awe when they shared or were exposed to the incredible depth and riches of the Word of God and by extension the majestic nature of the Lord that Word reveals.

I sat entranced.

I was not overwhelmed with their knowledge, which in some cases was vast.  I was shaken by the little effect that knowledge had on their demeanor, their emotion, their wonder.

I am at a loss.  I cannot fathom how the lavish grace of our Lord does not render us speechless with inexpressible gratitude.  I am in pain wondering how to help one such as these move from the deadness of codified truth to the utter joy of basking in the presence of the unvarnished nature of God.