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Saturday, June 4, 2016

More Solutions

Yesterday we looked at Isaiah 30:1 – 11.  Now look at 9 – 11.  Take a minute and note the lengths to which those who were rebellious went in order to ignore or disobey God.
More Solutions
Here is what I saw
  • Verse 9
    • They refused to listen
  • Verse 10
    • They told the seers not to see.
    • They told the prophets not to prophesy
    • They demanded that the prophets speak pleasant words, to prophesy illusions
  • Verse 11
    • They told the men of God to get out of the way
    • To get out of the path
    • To say no more about God to them
That reminded me of 1 Timothy 4:1
  • Men pay attention to deceitful spirits
  • Doctrines of Demons
  • They will not endure sound doctrine
  • Accumulate teachers that support their desires
  • Turn aside to myths
Sounds like the same group a few hundred years later.

This is a dire reality.  When coupled with Jeremiah 23:9 – 40, which describes a class of prophets who are more interested in their own ideas rather than the Word of God this sets up a perfect storm of those who want false teaching and those who are more than eager to oblige.

Wonder if that will ever happen?

Thinking through this I wrote in my journal:
Father, protect your Church.  Lead us to truth.  Identify those who want to share their own dreams and those who want to pursue myths.  Deliver your bride, the Church, from those who love to proclaim myths and those who crave myths.
As for me…

I choose to stand in the way – only in His strength.

1 comment:

  1. We (I am too embarrassed to say "I") are committed by nature to seek our own understanding. As Exhibit 1 consider Genesis 3. The Serpent had a "better plan" than Yahweh, and they bought it. We who seek to follow Him are plagued by this infection to this day.

    Thank God for ministries like Entrusting Truth to call us back to abiding in HIS word that we might recognize and respond to His ways - for our own good and the lives of our families.

    Keep on standing, Mike!