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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Weary of Him

Isaiah 43:20 – 28 floored me yesterday.  The Lord calls out Israel because they have become weary of God?  The list of what they have not done is staggeringly long.
Weary of Him

  • Not brought the sheep of the burnt offerings
  • Not honored Him with their sacrifices
  • Not bought Him sweet cane
  • Not filled Him with the fat of sacrifice
  • Have burdened Him with their sins
  • Have wearied Him with their iniquities
  • Their spokesmen transgressed against Him
He is the one that wiped out their transgressions.  They became weary of Him.

The obvious question is how we do that today.  How do we become weary of our Lord?
  • Do we begrudge Him time in prayer?  Is that too much work?
  • Do we place other things as a higher priority over time with Him in His Word?
  • Do we desire things of the World over Him?
  • Do we pursue success in our profession over intimacy with Him?
The reality is that we worship Him through the Word and Prayer.  He is not present.  The disciplines of relationship can and do become hard.  That is why it is called discipline.  I for one will admit there are times that I weary of the grind of discipline.  As I read this passage I am ashamed and rebuked.

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  1. It is a frightening visage I see in that mirror....