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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Contradiction Application

For the past three days I have been looking at Acts 19 – 22 (the first post is here).  Yesterday we evaluated the options of understanding what is going on in that passage; the day before we listed what those options might be.
Contradiction Application
For me what leaps off of the page is something similar to Paul’s experience, though not to the same degree, that I have also encountered.  Namely, people who know what I do and that I am going to countries where there is some level of hostility to Christianity, concerned about the wisdom of my taking the trip.

That raises the question that had to be in Paul’s mind at some level.  How do I know that God is leading me to do something the wisdom of which some godly people are questioning?  In my experience, regardless of the level of danger or resistance, whenever we step out on faith either into a short term mission or if we are considering a vocational ministry, there seems to be those who we trust who may have questions.

How do we know?  In the face of questions from sincere believers that what we have been called to do is actually the Lord and not our own idea?

If I said there was a formula to answer this, you should shut your browser now and never read this blog again.  There is not.  However, there are some prerequisites for us being solid in our understanding His leading.  The main thing is John 15:1 – 16, we must abide in Him.  If you are being questioned and you are not abiding in Christ, which being translated means you are regularly meeting with Him in His Word and you are conversing with Him regularly in prayer – if that is not what you are doing, it is probably a good idea to take the questions to heart.

The only way that I have been certain.  Is to abide.  To rest in Him.  To enter into a task without regard for any personal gain or notoriety.  It is just obedience.  It is a settled peace that comes from being in front of Him and sensing His charge.  It is choosing to live Matthew 6:33.

That may not be helpful but at the moment it is the best I can do.