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Monday, May 30, 2016

Paul’s Charge, Part 2

Yesterday we began looking at Paul’s charge to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2.  We looked in some detail at the first charge, “consider” in 2 Timothy 2:7.  The next word is Remember, 2 Timothy 2:8.
Paul’s Charge, Part 2

Paul has exhorted his spiritual son to consider, think, ponder what he has said to him.  The result will be, as Chuck pointed out in his comment yesterday that we will understand what Paul is saying.  The charge is ministry heavy.  Paul reminds Timothy that this is a hard assignment.  He compares the propagation of the gospel to military service, athletics, and farming.  Those can be all consuming.

The next word then is, remember.  Remember what?  Jesus.  Resurrected.  He is the reason for what needs to be considered.  All too often those of us who are engaged in ministry of any kind become consumed with that ministry.  Paul is reminding Timothy, and by extension us – well me at least – that the real issue is Jesus.  We have to focus on Him.

It is for Jesus that Paul is suffering hardship.  It is not for the ministry.  In the midst of all that he is doing, his primary focus is Christ.

There are many who have been on the mission field and have been on hard ground.  They work for years without seeing results.  If they are doing that for the ministry they will become depressed and discouraged.  If for their love for Christ, they will endure.

We need to remember what is important.