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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Getting Answers

Moses was leading a large group of people through a difficult transition and landscape.  One of the things that the Lord wanted them to do was to remember the grace that was given them when they were brought out of Egypt.  So He instructs Moses on how the nation is to celebrate Passover, Numbers 9:1 – 5.  But there was a challenge…
Getting Answers
There were those in the nation who, because of their duty, had to deal with those who had died.  Because of that they were ceremonially unclean.  They wanted to honor what the Lord had done for them, but how?

Moses reply to them in Numbers 9:8 is instructive.  He did not know.  He told them to wait, and he would go check with God.  He would listen to what the Lord would command about this situation.

He did not try to solve the problem.  He did not propose any options.  He listened.

Not my first response.  My first response is to plan or strategize.  Moses listened.

God had an answer.

I wonder how many things I have missed because I did not ask and did not listen.  It is relatively difficult to get an answer if I am not listening.

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