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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Contradiction Options Evaluation

Two days ago I asked if there was a contradiction in Acts 19 – 22, yesterday I stated that based on what the Bible claims to be there cannot be a contradiction and offered two explanations along with the one that Chuck suggested.  Today we will evaluate each.
Contradiction Options Evaluation
I suggested you look at the thread that describes Paul’s relationship with the Holy Spirit.  Why?  Doing so gives us better understanding of how he has related to the Holy Spirit through the book.

Option one was that Paul was over zealous in his purposing in the Spirit.  His desire to go to Jerusalem was so great that he construed the Spirit’s leading in his life.  While that is a possibility, and is similar to option 2, if we look at Paul’s relationship to the Spirit throughout Acts, we see a man who is sensitive to the Spirits leading to the point that the Spirit prevented him from going to two areas which he was planning to visit.  It seems unlikely that in this case his sensitivity to the Spirit is somehow dampened.  So this option does not seem to work

The second option is that the disciples in Tyre and Agabus in their desire to protect Paul, over reacted or else misconstrued their desire for the leading of the Spirit.  Unlike Paul we neither have data about the disciples’ nor Agabus’ relationship with the Spirit.  Unlike Paul there is no track record.  This is the first time that we hear of either speaking through the Spirit.  Even so it seems unlikely that the Holy Spirit through Luke would depict them misconstruing His leading.

That brings us to the scenario that Chuck suggested.  That the Spirit was leading these men to warn Paul to strengthen his resolve; to prepare him for the difficulty to come.  This option leaves everyone relating to the Spirit correctly and the Spirit using those relationships for a singular purpose of both leading Paul to Jerusalem and preparing him for what he will endure when he gets there.

There is an application of this for us.  I will share that tomorrow.