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Monday, January 11, 2016

Catch Your Pastor Doing Something Right

The Charge
Hebrews 3:13 tells us that we are to be intentional about encouraging one another.  We are to do that daily.  Not weekly, daily.  There is someone in your life that needs that desperately, your pastor.
Catch Your Pastor Doing Something Right
The Data
From March to May of 1991 I talked to around 1000 pastors.  I was doing surveys and marketing for the Fuller Institute.  I discovered that being a pastor is an isolated job.  Most of them are out on a limb without a safety net.  They cannot really share what is going on in their lives with anyone in their congregation, if they do, it will backfire on them.  Most of the communication they receive consists of criticism or complaints.

My Experience
In my church we had a pastor that followed the founding pastor.  I knew he was in for a rough time.  Following the founder is not a choice assignment.  I calculated he would last about three years.  He beat that by six months.  During that time I would find things that I liked about what he did and write a quick note to him.

The Impact
Just before he left we met, I do not remember the reason for the meeting, but during our conversation he opened the left hand drawer of his desk and pulled out all of the notes that I had written him.  He said that they had sustained him during some of the difficulties he experienced.

Make the Time
Take time to find something you like about what your pastor is doing.  Then tell him.

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